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“If we make sure this is the standard, not only the company with the most circular design, not even just the construction sector, but the whole society benefits!”

Lars van der Meulen | Manager Corporate Responsibility VolkerWessels | DuurzaamGebouwd

“Our intention is to create Material Passports for the buildings we manage and (re)develop andview how circularity of materials is possible.”

Clemens Brenninkmeijer | Managing Director Redevco Netherlands | DuurzaamGebouwd

“There is a huge amount of real estate in the care sector. If the value of all that real estate is included in Material Passports, it is no longer needed to write off to zero.”

Helene van der Vloed | Founder Triocare i.f. | DuurzaamGebouwd


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“The Madaster Foundation aims to eliminate waste, starting in the real estate sector. It has a general and public, non-profit interest with representatives from multiple sectors of our economy. The organisation promotes, governs and stimulates the development of Material Passports through the Madaster platform for existing and new buildings worldwide.”


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