The Foundation is a nonprofit organisation under Dutch law (“Stichting”) and as such in the process of acquiring a formal status (“ANBI-status”) of the Dutch Tax authorities. The official name of the Foundation is “Stichting Madaster Foundation”.

The Madaster Foundation operates on a full transparency basis, aligned with requirements of the Dutch Tax Authorities (ANBI). Key policies and reports supporting this transparency can be found in the policy and budget section of this website.

The Foundation is governed by a honorary board of directors consisting of members representing a public entity and the real estate sector. An Advisory board (open membership) is installed with an advisory role to the board of directors.

Thomas Rau

Pablo van den Bosch

The Honorary board currently exists out of Thomas Rau (chairman) and Pablo van den Bosch (secretary and treasurer) and will be extended to a total of five members. The additional 3 members are identified and in the process of on-boarding. The Board of Directors will officially start per 2018. This Honorary board meets on a minimum frequency of 4 times a year.

The Advisory board will officially start in 2018 too. The board members will be selected from the initial Madaster Foundation partners. This Advisory board meets on a minimum frequency of 2 times a year.

Visiting address

Oorsprongpark 12
3581 ET Utrecht

Email and Phone
+31 30 799 7152


IBAN Madaster Foundation:
NL32 TRIO 0338 4665 09
RSIN Madaster Foundation:
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