“Introducing Madaster Foundation”

Why madaster

Madaster considers the earth as a closed system where there should not be any waste. Through registration and documentation of products and materials used in the built environment, they can be reused in a circular economy and waste can be eliminated.

Madaster Foundation facilitates the registration, organisation, documentation, storage and exchange of data regarding any materials, components and products used in the (built) environment to such extent that the material consumption of the economy can last for future generations through circularity and the circular economy. Identification information about materials registered must be available for individuals, businesses, organisations, science, education, NGO’s, governments, etc. as efficiently as possible through a sustainable service that is compliant with data privacy and security requirements.

Material Passport

Facilitate the realization of the Material Passport concept by funding the development of Material Passport delivery and governance tools.

Guiding Principles

Document and maintain the guiding principles to gather data, store data, model data and create Material Passports using data from both an architectural and financial perspective.

Industry Standards

Stimulate the usage of the Material Passport concept in the real estate sector, e.g. through industry standards like BREEAM.

Data Availability

Ensure the availability of data being gathered and stored for the purpose of the creation of Material Passports.

Visiting address

De Groene Afslag
Amersfoortsestraatweg 117
1251 AV Laren

Email and Phone

info [at] madaster.com
+31 85 060 1242


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